About Us

TABS Network Origins

This is what we are about.

Starting out as a partnership in 2010, The Australian Business Services Network began by filling needs in businesses that were common in the construction, mining and maintenance industries.

Although the office is a small run-from-home business, we are by no means restricted in size.  It is the Network Members that make TABS Network what it is.  What it is, is a structured, methodic business management system, using the skills of like-minded businesses to achieve certain goals.

Our Goal

The goal is to establish our business nationwide, and to train people with the skills needed in the areas where they live.

Each individual Network Member (business or company) has a unique role. We have agreements in place for working together to achieve the TABS Network goals. All Members must comply with the business system when dealing with the TABS Network clients.

All TABS Network Network Members are fully insured according to their capabilities.

Ray - Business owner and Quality Systems Manager.
Ray - Business owner and Quality Systems Manager.
A picture of the city by night, from a bridge.
A picture of Melbourne - the home of The Australian Business Services Network.

Being a Network Member

Being a Network Member is solely by invitation. There is no monetary expense to become a TABS Network member. The important factor is quality methodology and team members who care about it.

The goal of adding members is because we aim to establish the best teams in the country, by selecting businesses who:

  • care about their staff,
  • genuinely care about the environment, and their affects on it,
  • show a serious attitude to quality and safety, and
  • train the local population with skills that they can use for life, which match the skills needed for Australia. This must be a qualification of some kind.

Local policy

The majority of our Network Members are based in Australia, but others have an Australian branch, yet they manufacture overseas. The intention is to provide Australia with the best of products and services. Network Members are required to train the local residents in the localities where we have a presence. This in turn ensures the local areas have workers who are amply skilled for what is needed locally, or nationally.

Because our land is rich with resources, we should be wise as to how best to use them. It is a system that depends on not only sources of energy, but products that allow people to continue in their day-to-day life.

Who our Network Members are

We are only interested in genuine people.  People who do what they say they will, and that perform their roles properly.

Quality is paramount, and it isn't just a quality system written on paper.  It is an attitude that must permeate through the business, along with compassion for their fellow humans, and a deep respect for their environment.

Our Target Employees

As a matter of fact, we want employees who not only consider the importance of providing quality items and a service, but providing a pleasant experience for every internal and external client we deal with.


As the picture shows, our land is a beautiful set of extremes, and we need to look after it. After all, we are not the only living things on this planet. Because we are meant to be the custodians of it, what better way to apply it by considering it in our way of doing business.

So that is the basic philosophy of The Australian Business Services Network.

This waterhole represents Australia. It is a country of vast expanses and resources, and a delicate environment.
This waterhole represents Australia. It is a country of vast expanses and resources, and a delicate environment.