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Below you will find a growing list of links to our blogs regarding our progress as a business, as well as video links and how-to pages. It is a slow project in the making, but it will continue to grow.

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First Blog

Basic information regarding the business plans, and already things have changed since then, but this is the first official blog posted.

Computer Operating Systems

A brief and basic explanation of different operating systems and their use in business.  It shows the different major three types, and a link to look at Linux versions.

What about Crypto?

This article discusses cryptocurrencies and how they can help in your business.  It also mentions SMSF's using crypto.

When Quality Systems Fail

Having a quality system is vital for a business.  What happens though when they fail?  This article looks at this subject and one reason for such failures.

Satoshi Nakamoto Identified?

This article is a link by one of our Network Members using his skills in data analysis, and his reasons for why he believes he has found who Satoshi Nakamoto is.

Welding Safety

This series of articles is on Welding Safety.  This is the introductory article.  There are links from this article to each specific topic covered. 

Bitcoin is the King of Crypto

This article once again highlights the strength of Bitcoin and shows why as a cryptocurrency it is the king, as well as why business people should consider it very seriously.