Picture of the sun rising over the Snowy Mountains, with silhouettes of the trees in the foreground.

Products Offered

TABS Network offers products in the construction and mining sectors, covering the commercial, residential and industrial sectors.

As our pictures highlight, some of these include:

  • Fixed and mobile plant and equipment
  • Structural steel
  • Large size bushes and shafts (up to 2000mm)
  • Stainless steel products

These products are supplied by our Network Members.  Beside each group of pictures there is some information, so you get an idea of the kinds of products offered.

If there is something specific you require, don't hesitate to contact us.


Structural Steel

We are pleased to be in association with the Victorian 2018 winner of the Australian Steel Institute's "Steel Excellence Award", who we will be using to supply our structural steel nationally.

They have a presence in Melbourne and South Australia, so you can take your construction project from the planning stage to the installation on-site. Our Network Members can also install and maintain your site and equipment, so be sure to check out our Services section.

An image of columns freshly fabricated.

Structural Columns Ready for Delivery

A picture of our Network Member receiving the Victorian Australian Steel Excellence Award.

The Company Receiving the Steel Excellence Award 2018

An image of structural beams, and box sections

Beams and Box Sections

We are able to deliver nationally, and install to your specifications.  If you want your construction project to be accurate, on time and cost-effective, you have the complete package using our Network Members.

Constructing your new development, or providing replacement parts, we have the capabilities to perform what you need.

The next section is an example of our team members working alongside others to manufacture and install as part of a large project.  This was pre-TABS Network days.


A view of looking up from the smelter, showing how much structural steelwork was involved in the actual project.

A glimpse up, showing the complexity.

An image of a bird's eye view of the project.

Looking down from above on the project

Image of the side of the smelter, showing the size of the plant.

Smelter side view before major works

One Maintenance Project Snippet

This project was a nickel smelter rebuild.  Many teams and companies worked on this site, and it came together very nicely.  Here are some pictures of one part of the project as it came together from my perspective.

Image of a team demolishing the old plant using lances and other tools.

Removal of the old sections

Image of the smelter base, with minor cleanup happening in preparation for installation of the new sections.

Cleaning up the foundations

A picture of a large structure being manufactured.

The new sections manufactured

Picture of the structural section being transported into position.

Transporting the Section into place

Image of the section being aligned before minor adjustments and placement.

Section alignment

Section resting on foundations, for joining

Almost in position

Section moved closer

Preparation for joining

Small gap between sections as it is aligned and joining commences

Now for the minor adjustments!

Image of the section in place, looking from the other side.


Image of the final section of the smelter being installed.

Putting the "end" on, the final section

The sealing of the final section.

Done! The new smelter is capped.

Image of two workers on completion of the task

Happy management, happy teams!

We will be able to offer a broader range of products than we presently do as our business grows. It is our intention to be able to provide structural steel to every state and territory in Australia.

Whatever the phase of the project, our Network Members can help you achieve your goals with the best outcome. Some of our Network Members have their own teams of draftspeople and engineers.

As mentioned already, we have the teams to install the items that our Network Members produce nationally.

The advantage for you is knowing your job is going to be manufactured correctly. This is due to our diligence in ensuring the quality system flows from job creation to handover.


A picture of the reaction chamber being installed at the nickel smelter.

Reaction Chamber

This image is a demonstration of The Australian Business Services Network in action, and covers many areas of what we offer. There is the supply of cranes and heavy equipment, and the fabrication of walkways and handrails for the mining and construction industries. This was a shutdown project, where we supplied our team of tradespeople, including welders, fitters, mechanics, crane drivers, riggers and more.

Construction in progress

A picture demonstrating our business services, namely mining maintenance and shutdown work, as well as heavy fabrication. The image is a section of a smelter under construction.

Tensioners under smelter

Fixed & Mobile Plant & Equipment

The range of products available through our Network Member in brand new equipment is vast.  It covers:

  • Mining and quarrying equipment
  • Concrete pumping and cartage
  • Cranes
  • Excavation
  • Drilling operations
  • Oil and gas equipment
  • ...and more

We have the plant and equipment that you need when it comes to construction, mining or other excavations. Our prices are competitive and quality is very high.  We can provide the installation on your site, as well as offering the ongoing maintenance and repairs.

Crane3 Sany

Mobile Cranes

Crane1 Sany

Tower Cranes

Crane2 Sany

Crawler Cranes

The range of products available is massive, and finance is available to approved clients.  Your next project can be economically achieved with brand new, high quality equipment.  It is manufactured by a world-renowned company, and available in many parts of the world.

Australia has used their mining equipment and cranes for large projects, and it is now that their high quality is getting recognised amongst their competitors.  Our Network Member's provision of equipment is more economical than what you will find elsewhere.  Go on.  Test us out, and let us give you a quote.

Concrete Pump Sany

Mobile Concrete Pump

Climbing Placing Boom Sany

Concrete Placing Booms

Skid-mounted drilling rig Sany

Drilling Rigs

Whether your plant and equipment needs are large or small, there is a solution available through our Network Members. One example is the range of size of the excavators. From 1.8t to 76.2t, not to mention our loaders, there is a machine for your business. You can purchase the equipment, and we can manage the services for you.

Whether clearing a block, building a road, or hauling ore or coal, our products are available to you. It is highly unlikely we will be beaten on pricing. Also, our quality service teams will make our liaison all the more pleasant.




Mining and haulage



Large-Scale Bushes, Bearings and Shafts

Our Network Member manufactures these large-scale items overseas.  We have the capacity to provide a speedy delivery service to minimise downtime.

Here you see a range of the products.

There are the bushes (2000mm diameter is at present the biggest single piece), as well as the bi-metal products.  The bi-metal products save money because the wearable part is of brass while the casing is of steel.  This gives strength to the overall bush, whilst economically providing brass for only the necessary wearing part of the bush.


Bi-metal bushes

Some manufacturing processes

An image of an alloy being poured from the smelter into the cast.

Smelting in the factory


Tolerance checking

An image of a freshly made product being removed from the machine.

Moving the new bush



Image of a large self-lubricating brass bush

Processing of a bush


Large bush

Non-ferrous products (brasses and bronzes) can be manufactured to your specific request.  We can provide one-off orders, as well as production line items. We can cater for your OEM needs.

Having our own smelter means that you can have your alloy made to your liking and specifications. Some of the products are noted in the pictures. Shafts (up to 2000mm diameter), large size ball valves, and bushes can be made to your specification.

The annual turnover of copper alone at this plant is almost 2000 tonnes.

Another product shown is the graphite-embedded bushes and wear plates. They come in a variety of substrates, including the commonly used brass bushing. These products are made with a minimum diameter of 450mm.

Some of the Products

A brass part sitting on a pallet.

Specialised brass fitting

An image showing the massive size of our graphite-embedded copper alloy wear plate

Large wear plates


Bushes and wear plates


Graphite-embedded bimetal bush

An image of a completed order of brass items..

Completed brass products


Graphite-embedded brass bush

Large-size brass ball, for a ball-valve.

Large-size brass ball for a ball-valve.

An image of a bi-metal cog.

Bi-metal Cog

 Stainless Steel Products

Stainless steel items are necessary in just about every environment.  From kitchens and hygienic areas to the dining facilities for staff, stainless steel items are necessary in every major business.

Our Network Members manufacture stainless steel commercial kitchens (benchtops, bain maries, hot food cupboards, etc).  Also, they provide decor stainless steel, such as coloured signage and splashbacks.

Your stainless steel display can be created by our Network Member experts, or you can deliver your drawings. They supplied the 2000 Olympic Games, and currently supply to some large food chains, as well as providing custom work.

This is a small sample of the products that are supplied. Most of the products are manufactured here in Australia, and are shippable anywhere in the country. We also provide imported stainless steel items.


Hot Food Bar - Curved Glass

A stainless steel hot food bar.

Hot Food Bar - Custom Box Glass


Some decor colours available

For more of a range of what we have to offer, send an email. Remember, we can deliver to anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, or elsewhere.

If you are after a customised kitchen, depending on your area, we can provide a measure and quote. Otherwise, you can send your drawings in. Please contact us to provide specifics.



Vertical Food Transporters


Kitchen Bench


Custom Kitchen Benchtop

In Conclusion...

It should be clear that our business is the one to be contacted to ensure we supply for your manufacturing needs, however large the project.  It is our Network Members, along with our unique quality approach, that ensures you will get a premium experience and outcome.

Contact us now, and ask those niggling questions.